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Nah, it's just the scarf ;-)


Yee ha! This is cool.


Ron Sullivan

Now if I had a tricycle, it'd have to have a wicker basket on the back into which I could stuff your little dog toooooo. AHAhahahahahah!!!

Hey, we all got role models.


Let's hear it for spring! And you BOTH look great on the tricycle.


AmpuT -- No, it's also the lovely all-black ensemble finished by that classy tall black leather boot. Oh, and there's the fact that you don't have an idiotic expression on your face nor a double-chin threatening to absorb your entire head.

WCD -- Thank you! I was actually quite thrilled to see her pretty much just get on and go. Whee!

Ron -- When I lived in L.A. eight thousand years ago, I rode a bicycle everywhere. Once I rode past a trendy Thai place on Melrose where my young lawyer boss was just arriving with a date. I was wearing a black denim jacket that was kind of flapping about me, and my bike was a lot like this trike, a 3-speed with upright seating and uncomplicated handlebars. So what did my boss do? He started singing the witch's theme from The Wizard of Oz. Really loudly. I almost fell off my bike laughing.

Meanwhile, esteemed correspondent Amorette tells me she takes the cats in the basket of her own trike -- and that they love it.

Laurie -- I generally look like an idiot, but typically fail to care. Ms. AmpuT, however, looked simply smashing, and I have a suspicion she always does. I think she definitely needs a trike of her own so she can spread that elegance around her new(ish) Northern California neighborhood, don't you agree?


I sometimes take my cat Elly in the back basket of my tricycle, but she actually prefers to ride along in a totebag slung on my shoulder. I need to get a wicker basket for the front, because I suspect that she'd really love that (the back basket is a rather uncomfortable wire mesh, and not at all like a cozy kitty basket).

CatGirl also likes riding in my back basket, but I rarely let her get away with that...


You know, talking of Elly Cat in a totebag reminds me of my dear, departed Furry Lewis (who can be seen in this post). If he had not become terminally ill with intestinal lymphoma, I was going to get him one of those baby slings in which to be carried around. He was that kind of cuddler, couldn't get enough body heat and petting -- unlike Sam who seems to consider being picked up a deliberate assault upon his every sensibility.

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