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Wow. Wow wow. AWESOME post.

I'm going to nominate your post for Five Star Friday at Schmutzie's next week. I'll star it in google reader so I don't forget!


Hey, Dory! I have no idea what "Five Star Friday at Schmutzie's" is, but it sounds like a compliment, so thanks! :)

Of course the "wows" shouldn't be for my writing; they should be for the gift of themselves which my siblings have given me, and so far continue to give me (though they might not after they read this).

kathy a.

this is very lovely, sara.

The Goldfish

This is indeed a beautiful post.

Although my close family are a pretty wonderful bunch, I've seen too many examples to believe there's anything magical about blood-ties. I know plenty of families who remain in close proximity and heavily involved in one another's lives yet without really seeming to *care* at all.

However, you three clearly do care about one another, and it is a wonderful thing to have learned through this near-disaster. This is a wonderful tribute to them both.


Sara, this made me cry, too, but that's just me - I cry at Hallmark commercials!

I don't think your siblings will be angry; this is a very moving and heartfelt thank you for all that they've done for you. Thank you for sharing the story!

I often wonder what I've done to deserve gifts like that . . . I think it has something to do with American culture (I'm anthropologist) and its emphasis on individual responsibility, you know, that "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" kind of idea. It's almost like our culture makes you afraid to ask for help from other people. This may, actually, be at the root of why our country does not have socialized medicine. We're not supposed to ask for help from others. We're supposed to do it on our own. Frankly, this emphasis on individualism sometimes pisses me off. Why shouldn't we work for the good of all instead of just our individual selves? To make our country better together instead of making it so I, and only I, profit from whatever choices we make.

Okay, this could turn into a rant. This misses the point of your post. I just want to say thank you for sharing!


Oh yeah, that little side note about the spell checker asking you about streusel but not Schwarznegger was too funny!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Tears here as well. I'm so glad your parents were right.


What blessings out of darkness.


Thanks, everyone. Of course, it's not my writing but the gift of these people in my life that is the beautiful thing here, just more proof that I am the luckiest woman alive. And I should probably stop going on and on about that, because the Evil Eye is gonna get me for sure, but I can't help but share my gratitude. I also think it's important to share what real love looks like, which is part of why I play the Love Thursday game in the first place. Popular culture obscures and romanticizes love, and that aspect exists, too, but for the most part I think love's finest hour comes either in the midst of all the quotidian drudgery that we perform for each other or when things are really quite nasty, maybe involving not very pretty, not very telegenic bouts of real sickness from stomach flu and head colds all the way across the pooping, pissing, pustulant spectrum of disease, not romantic at all. And it (love, I mean, real love) seems to happen even to people like me who are so imperfect, not always kind or sensitive to the needs of others, not exactly an "A" students at life and relationships. And that's freakin' miraculous, and not to be glossed over or brushed past.

So far, my siblings haven't chided me, so either they haven't read this because they're busy having lives or they aren't mad. Either way is good.

But anyway, I can't respond to each of you individually on this one, because it's too emotional a topic. But thanks for coming and sharing in my gratitude.


Yay! So happy for you! (Sorry this is late - just read it last night.) Families can be such a mixed blessing, but when things are good, it's incredibly - I don't know - grounding, I guess. Blood ties are amazingly strong, regardless.

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