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The Goldfish

These are all lovely! I love to see the American birds; I always imagine they'd be much the same as ours but they're quite different.

A friend was telling me that an American robin found its way to Wales on the... some warm windy thing over the Atlantic, I'm not meteo, metero, meteor... I can't even find the word for someone who studies the weather today.

Anyway, this robin attracted great interest from British ornathologists (I remember that one; not to be confused with an orthanologist, which is the proper term for a word-botcher). And the local TV news was filming, all these twitchers were flashing away, when a native buzzard swooped down and gobbled it up!


...and Life also imitates Monty Python.

I think "Jet Stream" is the warm ocean current that crosses the Atlantic in a northeasterly curve and makes English gardening so much nicer than New England gardening, and I know that "meteorologist" is the professional weather geek. I'm sure I will be awarded a cookie for being able to mentally locate these two things this morning. I'm sure because I shall make it myself -- oatmeal cranberry, I think.

Also, I think some of our birds are the same, especially since several of our more common species actually originated in Europe, the starling for example and many varieties of sparrow. My friend the wild bird rehabber also says that many of her patients migrate annually as far away as Africa.


What a beautiful day - and so well documented in such beautiful photos!

The snake is my favourite although my photo would have been taken from much further back!



Glad you enjoyed it, Ian.

I am assured these snakes are perfectly harmless unless one is mouse-sized or smaller. Still, zoom lenses ARE very helpful. ;)

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