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How beautiful! I'd love to visit there. The photos are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Jen of a2eatwrite

What an amazing post, and I love your tradition. I had a very hard time this Memorial Day to disgust with a variety of issues in terms of our country and its current state of affairs. I love the fact that you reminded us that it's many people, doing many things, that got us where we are (or the good points of where we are).

Thank you for sharing this - you really lifted my spirits.


Sara, you have outdone yourself (and that was a very hard thing to do). I loved everything about this post. Every thing. Every word. I will keep and re-read. xo


What a glorious post. Seriously.

Victor Kellar

Hello Sara

I am a fan of Elizabeth McClung's as well. If you have been reading the posts you have seen that since it was impossible for me to have participated in the weekend adventure I am putting together and kind of tribute video; I would love to include some of your photos in it. Be aware that I will be posting the video to YouTube or Vimeo to enable it on my blog and embed it on others. Let me know if this would be ok, your photos were great and I think would add to the video
Thanks, Victor


Frida: C'mon over, any time. :) Later today, though, I am going to blog about, among other things, the accessibility of this place, which is variable. There is another way to get to Authors Ridge, for example, but as you will see, though paved and smooth, it's a bit steep. On the other hand, I do believe the half-naked allegorical woman keeping watch over the Melvin brothers can be reached from the street by a wheelchair user of average strength visiting the park alone in decent weather. Daniel Chester French himself, though? No way, not without a 4WD scooter. (Do they even make such things?)

Jen: I'm so glad. Thank you for telling me.

Laurie: That's funny, because I've already found a typo. ;) Still, I'm glad you liked it.

Em: Thank you. :)

Victor: I have been ill, exhausted, and also extremely busy, so while I made it a point this weekend to catch up on Elizabeth and Linda's posts, I'm afraid I kind of had to skip most people's comments (sorry, nothing personal) and thus have little idea what's been going on with most of the other folks who visits there. I hope whatever prevented you from playing along this weekend was fun, not gruesome, fatiguing or painful.

Thank you for asking before using my photos. You have my permission to use the photo Linda already snagged for Elizabeth's blog, the "One Way" image appearing at the end of this post, as long as you don't crop it significantly and as long as you retain the copyright notice. The rest I would rather people looked at in the context of this post on this blog, because that is what they were created for. I do thank you for asking, though, and look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Cheers. :)


Thanks so much for the walking tour! Your writing and photos are really evocative. The Melvin memorial is quite haunting and beautiful. Okay, and kinda sexy. The "one way" image caps if off nicely.

Victor Kellar

The video is done, you can view it here or from my blog


Hey, Victor, thanks. The video looks great, unfortunately including the photos of mine from another post which you included without my permission. Sorry to be a hard-ass about this, but they need to come out.



Oh, and Donimo, I'm glad you enjoyed the tour. I keep forgetting but found out later that that figure is "Mourning Victory," and she is far more alluring in person than in the photo I've shown you here. Hope you get to come take a look for yourself someday. :)

Victor Kellar

Oh damn, sorry!!

I had so many pics from so many links I lost track of what came form where, please forgive my mistake. Everything's coming down and I'll make the changes

Thanks for your understanding in this


Thank you, Victor, for your courtesy. :)


No problem, again, sorry for the mistake, maybe tryint to do this video at 2:30 am after 14 hours of commercial work wasn't the best idea ... ah, to be 40 again, lol



Now THAT is something I really do understand!!!

For today, which is also Love Thursday, I created an image which is free for anyone to use any way s/he likes -- or to re-make according to his or her own aesthetics. I hope this makes up for my crotchetiness a tiny bit. :)


bleeding espresso

I love cemeteries, and I love seeing this one with you. This whole series was wonderful indeed.

And I'm so honored that my cake (recipe) has made it there!


Michelle, I'm so glad you enjoyed the tour -- even though I got us lost! hahahaha

But then it was an adventure, and my friend the Gautama Elizabeth (a different Elizabeth than my honorary niece) says that "[y]ou can't get lost on an adventure."

I'm gratified you feel this was a fitting use of That Cake, too, you writer, you. And reader. :)

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