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kathy a.

what a fabulous take on "do unto others"!

i always thought the best leaders [or bosses] were the ones who wouldn't ask people to do things they were unwilling to do themselves -- the kind of folks who get their hands dirty, put in time at the xerox machine, pull late-night shifts, help lug the boxes, handle the tedious or messy or draining jobs alongside everyone else. the ones who appreciate folks who have skills they do not have, and who face challenges they do not. who listen, think, engage in discussions instead of pronouncing edicts. in other words, not megalomaniacs.

jen of a2eatwrite

I'd bet you're right. You're probably too young, but there was a wonderful commercial in either the late 60s or early 70s that I remember watching as a child - it was against the Viet Nam war, and it was two, middle-aged men slugging it out in suits, instead of our having war. What if it was settled this way? What if the world leaders had to actually put themselves in danger? I still remember that commercial.


Sorry it took me so long to get back to this.

Kathy A.: I hear an awful lot of would-be leaders in all walks of life say to their underlings, "I'm not asking you to do anything I wouldn't do myself." I always automatically think, "Fine then. You go right ahead."

There is a big difference between a motivational speaker and a real leader. A real leader is the sort of person you've described, someone who knows s/he's still a team member no matter what. A leader I would not necessarily follow but at least would also not ridicule immediately also knows that there are better paths in every direction than any that require the slaughter of children, and that no one should be asked to do that. I have no way of respecting anyone who believes otherwise, and I don't just mean abstractly.

I'm sure if you asked George Bush directly he would tell you that of course he doesn't approve of slaughtering children. However, by his actions and the actions he's ordered other people to take, it seems he doesn't completely disapprove of it, either.

Jen: Hmmm...I wonder if I saw that ad as a kid and was influenced by it. Entirely possible, in spite of my parents' best efforts. ;)

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