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aura carmi

Don't we all go through this with new pets to some degree? ...hmmm and new boyfriends...? I am not even going to start talking about what goes on with the kids.

You are very right about love and compromise.

Now to get off of the track for a fun story:

Today I took the kids to the barn for their weekly horseback riding lesson. The horse that they ride, "Charlie" is about the best horse that could ever be for new riders. He also loves to lick, splash in water buckets with his nose and give kisses.

Unlike giraffes, cows, dogs and cats, horses have silky, smooth tongues. So today, when the teacher was late and we had about twenty minutes to wait, I decided that it was time for some licky, kissy fun.

I scooped up water in both hands and offered it to Charlie. As I expected, he lapped it up with his giant, silky smooth, pink tongue. I couldn't help but laugh and do it again and again. My kids, who were busy with other kid stuff, had to run over and see what I was laughing so hard about. (Apparently, I was laughing so loudly that everyone in the barn heard.)

When they saw, they both squealed "YUCK!!" I said, "You guys don't know what you are missing." So they stood there observing as I stood there and played with licky Charlie. Finally, Ziv, my seven year old boy, had to try it because he can ever miss out on an opportunity to laugh. And, like magic, once that huge soft tongue began to lap the water in his hands, he was just hysterical with delight and laughter. You know, a little is good so a lot is better... So Ziv soaked his entire arm, and Charlie, not missing a thing began lapping the water off of the entire length of his arm. Now, he could not stop laughing. I had to try it.

Well, let me tell you, you don't even know what tickling means until you have had a horse lick you forearms!!! I laughed so hard I could hardly breathe. At this point, Meital, my ten year old girl, just had to try it because Ziv was doing it. She let Charlie lap a bit of water from her hands and then said, "That's nice but kind of yucky," and wanted no more to do with it.

Finally, Ziv who just couldn't get enough of this, got himself licked right in the face. How he managed that, I don't know because I was doing something else. He laughed but was done with horsey kisses for the day after that.

I've known a lot of horses and many that would eat and drink from your hands, but never any that gave licky kisses like a dog. I love that Charlie because he is so good to my kids, gently but mischievously teaches them to ride well and always makes me laugh and feel young.

Hey, while I was previewing my comments,I just realized that I wrote a Love Thursday story!

aura carmi


One more comment on love and compromise and licky animals...

My sweet, beautiful doggy Snowball loves to be fed by hand. It is a form of affection that she loves as much as being pet. When we are in the orchard, she will bring me a piece of fruit, that she is perfectly capable of eating by herself, so that I can break or tear it into small bites and let her eat out of my hand. This is our special bonding and show of love.

Now, this is pretty yucky and sticky. Your hands get covered in both dog slobber and sticky fruit juices or oily with avocado flesh. (You get the picture.)

Yet, when I see those sweet, bright brown eyes smiling at me and appreciating the show of affection that I am giving, I wouldn't ever refuse. Our little hand feeding tradition, is like the sweetest, warmest hug that Snowball and I could ever give each other.


I don't know what to say about this post except that it makes me feel deficient in the love department. Thank you for writing it, it is making me consider things.

The Goldfish

I needed this post about love and compromise, having had a Very Big Row About Nothing with AJ. Well not quite nothing, but very close to.

Your Sam is a very lucky cat. At least he is is these days.

Sugared Harpy

Hmmm, the only thing I've been able to come up with for him NOT clawing up your furniture is to clip his claw shorter, then they're also blunter. It's how I keep my babies from tearing up the carpet in this rented house...

What a lovely testament to such a smart kitty. He picked the right house!


We have a recidivist named Sam, too ;) Yours is lucky to have you.


see, you are a real cat lover. a person who just liked cats would have gotten rid of Sam, but you are finding a solution because he is part of your heart now. I love this story.

kathy a.

i'm all with you on love and compromise. and sam is a very lucky and very loved guy.

we currently have 4 cats. two were accidental -- i was fostering feral kittens, and although they adjusted to house life just fine, they run away from any hint that a human will touch them. the rescue lady was going to find a feral colony for them since they had not become adoptable after a couple months of foster care. so, i adopted them.

they are loosening up, many months later. both will sleep on my feet and legs [i am safe in the horizontal position], and one will even crawl up to let me pet him -- IF i am lying down. they like to be in the room with me, so long as it doesn't look like i might touch them. they LOVE to play a game i call "stick," wherein i sit in a particular chair and move a thin willow branch around so they can chase and tackle and bite it -- but i have to stay sitting in the chair.

the duke of earl is the world's best foster uncle cat, and the kittens adore him without reservation. earl is blind, but he doesn't know that he is disabled at all. he is the most joyous cat on earth. for a long time [before these kittens], he had terrible digestive problems that caused huge messes; we had to feed him baby food, jarred chicken or turkey mixed with a little rice cereal, and keep him away from everything else -- such as the cat food the other cats were eating. not easy, any of it. none of us could bear to think of living without earl.

persephone, the senior cat, is very clingy, and opinionated about other cats. the dogs are afraid of her. she also pees on christmas presents; we haven't kept them under the tree for years.

love, love, love, love.


Thanks for writing that. I, too, share my house with a cat that's been expensive, troublesome and requires regular clean-up of places not normally used as a litterbox. Three vets so far, we're chipping away at it, but it's still there and still a mystery - there's something going on, we have no idea what. People wonder I keep doing it. I consulted a pet shrink, people laughed. And I love the wee beastie, so I wouldn't dream of giving up. Still, nice to know I have company.

Best to all three of you.

patry francis

Ah, but he's such a beautiful urinary criminal. Who could resist him?

Sending love to you, Sara.

kathy a.

sara, been thinking of you. xoxox

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

I once had a cat who didn't claw anything until I bought a used leather couch; then, about ten minutes later, the side of it looked much like that photo of yours.

Hope all is well with you...sorry I haven't been around in a while. I've missing visiting.

Ron Sullivan

As Joe says: There ain't no such thing as a free cat.

You OK? Cyberhugs to you and yours, anyway.


Now I NEVER have an comment on a cat post-- no opinion on them at all except when they set off my allergies (which online cats never do).

But I'm missing you and stories like this, and I wanted to tell you, cats or no cats.

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