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Oh Sara, I think you ate the radius already. And I bet it was delicious too.


Oh, yes, it went down very smooth. Neither of us noticed until after it was gone. ;)

michelle of bleeding espresso

Nom nom nom....


That is one sweet pie, it almost makes me feel hungry, and I never FEEL hungry - did you bake it yourself.

Actually I always failed this bit because I could figure out the radius I just never understood why Pi, this number who is like the guy who no one invites but always ends up at parties shows up and we need Pi yet again. What does a circle have to do with Pi, are they friends, no one could tell me, it was just "Memorize it and shut up." Which means now I do not remember the formula and still wonder how Pi maintain's his celeb status?

Sugared Harpy

Hello, PIE, my lover. That is a beautiful looking pie. I never attempt the lattice crust, I should try it sometime because it's pretty.

By the way, I love your caption. "Pie and photo by Sara."


Michelle of B.E.: Yes. Nom, indeed. :)

Elizabeth: Yes, of course I baked it myself! I did not make the crust from scratch, but I did shape it and embellish it, and of course mixed the filling from scratch. I'm glad it made you hungry. Pie is magic.

And see, I don't know how anyone can be expected to focus on math with all these people talking about pie all the time, and then trying to explain about formulae that result in pies, or something. Geometry was very confusing. ;)

Melissa: You must attempt a lattice crust at least once in your pie baking career. You don't have to actually weave the strands together; you can cut it into short strands and place them so that they only look like they are woven. Also, if you use tapioca in the filling, be sure the "square" gaps in your lattice aren't too big or there won't be enough moisture retained from the baking fruit to cook the pearls and you will end up with little rocks in your filling which are nasty. A good lattice over this kind of pie results in not much more ventilation than artful slashing or piercing of the top crust.

Or, as discussed in my Google-famous blueberry pie post (sadly down to rank 4 last time I checked, unlike my still highly rated three-legged pig joke -- #2! -- and Jesus toes -- #1! really! and you helped! -- posts), you can abandon the proprieties, forgo starch altogether, and just openly submit to your lust for crumbly, messy, hot blueberries with sweet crust. That works, too. :)

Ron Sullivan

Googleberry pie? What?

Joe (The Lord of the Pies) does a lattice crust once in a great while just to prove he can. He doesn't weave the strips. So there. I gotta get him one of those rick-rack cutters so they'll be ziggy too.

I think the radius is next to the ulna, but don't quote me; I'm just trying to be humerus.


That's revenge for my dental pun over at your place, isn't it? hee hee

Funny you would mention the faux-woven lattice top crust of Joe the Pie Lord (from whom I still await a recipe for peanut butter pudding pie, incidentally, like I used to eat at Marie Callender's only better and which I have been craving for nearly 30 years). I am about to demonstrate the technique in a very unlordly way. Stay tuned. :)

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