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  • a happy, ordinary, middle-aged, suburban woman who paints odd pictures, gardens in a straw hat, lives with the love of her life, is owned by one cat and the ghosts of several others, and walks a little funny 'cause she has a fake leg. She started this website because there's more to life than what we lose, and we need to let each other know what's possible, even if it's only a happy, ordinary life.

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Hey Sara, good to see you online, but sorry you're so tired. Hope you feel better soon. The pumpkins are out!


So relieved to hear from you.


Here's another awesome pic of Sam, though he doesn't seem to be entirely happy about getting his picture taken ;)

Ron Sullivan


Tired is OK. Gone is Not-OK. Hug your cat and your honey and yourself and tell us how you're doing! (In 25 words or less.) Please! And thank you! And Good to see you! And hugs! And Hooray! And exclamation points!! Also chocolate!

kathy a.

hi, sara! good to see you again. hope you are feeling a bit better soon. [kittehs are good medicine.]


So glad to see you back! Hope you are doing ok.


Leslee -- I noticed! It's strange, because I feel a little like Persephone in reverse, or Rip van Winkle, or someone, going to sleep in the grey and green rainy summer and then waking up (for a moment, anyway) almost a whole season later, surrounded by enormous, colorful squash.

John -- Thanks. But look, I know about 30 people named John, and that doesn't even include the ones named Jon. No offense, but...which one are you? :)

Jana -- It's the fault of the photographer (cough, cough). But in spite of my lack of skill recording the event, I was there, and I assure you that in spite of some slight disgruntlement about being wakened from a nap, he was quickly mollified by the brush.

Ron -- Thanks, sweetie. I have good days and bad days, and also days that are good until they are bad (but not vice versa). It's a very strange time in my life just now.

Kathy -- Thanks. :)

Leslie -- Thanks. :)

Kay Olson

So, sooooo good to see even a brief post by you. Also: LOLcats!

Yes, hang in there, baby. Always thinking of you.


Hooray! It's great to hear from you again (although you have not heard from me before).

I am a big fan of I Can Has Cheezburger, although spelling it does give me a headache...

aura carmi

So very glad to see that you are feeling well enough to post. Thanks for reminding me of "Blazing Saddles" I love that movie and it's time to rent it again and get a good laugh.

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