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Oh, raging jealous, of course. That's a beauty!

BTW, the last time I made pie I discovered the beauty of using coconut oil in place of the shortening half of the fat - worked like a charm. You can't keep the whole jar in the frig, but spoon out what you'll need and put that in the frig to harden - feels just like shortening.

Kay Olson

I do not believe that bundt cake is frivolous. It might be essential.


Leslee: I really do like that idea very much. And coconut oil is so good for you. The shortening I use in everything that calls for shortening is made of organic, nonhydrogenated palm oil, which I believe is also very healthful, but which softens incredibly easily. I've never gotten around to trying it in pie crust, because I don't really have a place to roll out pie crust anymore. This is because we own almost everything now, and so now we have no counter space.

This is the seamy underbelly of being completely spoiled: really ridiculous amounts of clutter.

Kay: See, now, I have always thought so, too, but I have been making do -- and quite deliciously, mind -- with bundt-y recipes in a non-bundt pan and without the official cookbook for so long that raving on and on about finally being correctly brand identified, well, it seems like a flimsy excuse to post a cake recipe, if you ask me.

Oh, wait... ;)

kathy a.

that is a most excellent bundt pan. and classic recipes, too!

Ron Sullivan

Party Meat-Ring... Party-Meat Ring... There's just something about that phrase. If you scanned that page and put it on Flickr, it'd be snapped up by the National Trust for Hysteric Preservation PDQ, IMO.


Is it closed-minded of me to doubt the deliciousness of meat baked with peanut butter, ketchup and horseradish? Is it?


I don't know you, and I'm responding to a two and a half year old post, but I just had a flashback to my childhood recently and a bundt cake my friend's mother used to make. So I found a recipe online, and I ordered a bundt cake pan (the fleur de lys one actually).

Since ordering it (it arrives today!), I have been obsessively googling for bundt cake recipes and that's how I came across your blog. I'll probably try it out myself. However, I thought you might be interested in this recipe (if you haven't run across it yourself):

It's a from scratch version, as the original version of this cake was made with a box of cake mix and a box of instant pudding. But since I don't live in the US anymore, it's hard to come across these things, so I decided I'm going to try the from scratch version. If it's anything like the one I remember from being a kid, it's going to be amazing.

And on another random note, I went to a restaurant that had a "Skippy Burger" which was a beef hamburger with peanut butter and bacon. Because I'm insane, I gravitate toward trying these ridiculous combinations of food, and it was surprisingly tasty. So you never know when weird food combinations might work out!

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