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Yuck. Not fun. But the rejoinder is, of course, very funny. It's usually tea and toast when I'm sick.


After chemo, I now go on "all bran muffin diet." It is the only thing I want to eat for at least 24 hours, sometimes much longer. If it works, it works I say. And any child who might ask, "Mama, may I please have a bran muffin?" is in for a tongue lashing.
Of course, this week end we are making oatmeal chocolate chip muffins to compensate.


Leslee: The rejoinder made me feel better than the toast. :) (But I still want to know why toast is so efficacious.)

Laurie: Mmm, bran muffins. Does the fact that bran muffins almost always sound better to me than chocolate chip muffins prove that I am old?

Glad you are feeling better. :) Now you have three lovely weeks before you have to do that again, right? Enjoy.

Kay Olson

Because toast is genius.


Do you think some kinds of toast are smarter than others, or do some individual slices just work a lot harder?

Kay Olson

Hmm, well, I oppose all Bread IQ Tests on principle. A good test of a particular slice's genius though, is to lay it, freshly toasted, on the counter for a couple seconds, then lift it and see if it left any brainiac toast sweat behind. (I typed "braniac" the first time, a subconscious homage to bran?)

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