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Was there ever a more pleasure-seeking creature than a cat?

kathy a.

sam is definitely a keeper!

i gather that the fabulous smurgletoys contain primo catnip, as well as being smurgly, soft, and aesthetically pleasing? i'd keep an eye on that chest of drawers, personally. ;)

it's the weirdest thing, one of my current cats has no interest in catnip. she'll just sit there watching while the rest commit embarassing acts of blatant happiness.


LOL! I love watching happy kitties!

My friend Lindsi once told me that she had the padded mailer-ful of smurglebags in her hand as she let herself into the house. She was immediately attacked by a cat, who ripped the entire mailer out of her hand and took off with it to the bathtub for dissection.

I practically need a stick to beat my cats away from the materials closet. They all have to be locked up when I'm making the bags. Potent stuff.


Tried to get some smurgletoys for my cats and my daughter's cat but sadly they don't post to the UK. I suppose there's too much danger of the Post Office cat getting into the sacks and killing all the other parcels!


I'm sorry, ScriptorSenex! I wish I could, I just have so many problems when I try to ship overseas. Because dry catnip looks so much like marijuana, and because smurglebags are designed to shed some catnip here and there, it spells disaster in Customs. :(


Leslee: I don't think so, no. And what's funny is how easy it is for us to acquiesce to their demands. This cat rules our house, just because he showed up.

Kathy: The chest of drawers is not wimpy like the leather chair. It'll be okay. (Famous last words...)

Amorette: I'm so glad you enjoyed this! Sam really is quite pleased. He doesn't play with it every minute of every day, of course; that would interfere with time already slated for eating, chasing the feather, and napping. But he's definitely been able to squeeze it in.

At one point I rolled into the bedroom and saw him crouched and staring, very still, eyes completely dilated. In the early '80s, when visiting friends at other colleges, I would sometimes walk into extremely fragrant (and smoky) rooms full of people with similar expressions on their faces. Heh.

SS: I am so sorry to hear that. I was going to advise that you take it up with Ms. Kitsa herself, but look: she has already replied to you below.

Amorette (again): I think this is hysterical. Thank you for explaining.

Ron Sullivan

You know what else was cool about that? Hearing your voice.


heh heh -- Thanks, Ron.

Just be grateful I'm not singing... ;)

kathy a.

late report: smurglebags received. one is safely hidden. the other has been mauled extravagently by the catnip fiends in residence -- most extensively by the 13-year-old senior cat, whose sense of dignity and imperial authority goes right out the window when catnip is involved. smurglebags, i must add, are hardy creations.

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