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Amen, Sister. I admit to being on the phone while I do other things, but I always get off when it's time to pay the postman, or the toll collector, or give serious legal advice.

kathy a.

that. sucks.

also, i think i know that dude. he's the attending we fired, because he was so important and busy that he couldn't bother to write a disability letter that we needed to take care of mom's financial and legal stuff. also, it turns out he doesn't read faxes or return phone calls. additionally, he thought that he's so freaking brilliant that he should give me legal advice. which was wrong, by the way.

Scriptor Senex

Oh I could rant for hours - well, pages, well lines and lines and lines (you know what I mean) on this topic. But my favourite doctor was one I met when testing me for my DHSS benefit. Because I have little in the way of sensory sensation (apart from pain!) she suggested I could be a spy because they couldn't torture me. I think she was more lacking in semsitivy nerves than sensory nerves! Then again there's the doctor who.... Oh forget it.


That kind of inconsiderate behaviour drives me wild. I really get pissed off with people who believe their time to clearly be more valuable than anyone else's.


I love you Sara.

Sorry to all of you for inflicting personal news onto this public blog.

1st, toast and also plain crackers work because they absorb the stomach acids.

2nd, I am envious of your bundt pan!

3rd loved the application to menstruate. Here is another little bit of news... Have a major, long enduring trauma in your life and you will never menstruate again. (Don't know why this doesn't work for you Sara.) No hot flashes, nothing. Poof, it just goes away and then one day, two and a half years later, you notice that it's been quite a while since you had one.

Avi is starting an awesome job tomorrow. PHEW!!!!!

My father had a terrible, very avoidable, accident that nearly killed him two weeks ago and I spent three days in the hospital with him. He is fine now but YUCK!!!

The kids are doing fine and so am I.

Love to Your True Love and Sam.


Two more bits of exciting news: I made my own sourdough starter. The bread I made with it was kind of not great but the pizza crusts were fabulous!

I have been pruning this week and only have two more trees to go! This is not counting 40 roses, but I will do them next week. Delightfully, now that Avi has a good job, I can tend my orchard again and not JUST work. (I still do work about 14 hours a day though.)


I am glad that Avi got a new job. Hope he enjoys and that you get your yardwork done. How is your daughter doing?

BTW, Sara doesn't need any encouragement to rant, she had it down to a science when I was a teenager. She could do equally well ranting against some perceived inequity that either Lynn or I would have perpetrated or use Alfred to rant for her.

Mind sharing the starter recipe?




Don't you just love it? That attitude in physicians is utterly rampant. It's one reason I'm now convinced that I would have eventually burned out on a career in medicine, had my body not had the prudence to burn out on me first.

I hate the post office too, but for different reasons which I think I may have shared before. (To paraphrase you from the other day, indulge me ;)

Entry can only be gained by climbing a steep flight of steps, ending at a very narrow landing over which the door swings outward. If you're coming up (hand over hand on the rail, as I've had to) and someone inside is coming out, you must back down the steps to allow them to pass, or else scoot to one side and hope that Jill doesn't come tumbling after.

And when I asked if there was access for those of us who weren't sherpas, I was told that I could be let in the back if I walked around the building, up the mail ramp, rang the bell, waited for an escort, walked through the building, found my way to the service area, and then waited for an escort to bring me back to the mail ramp. They claim that a local landmark law trumps ADA guidelines and that they're not obligated to provide better access than that.

Therefore, the post office is evil and must be avoided. Usually I do a pretty good job of that. I use Click N Ship on most of my packages and order stamps and supplies online.

They could do better. :(

Hoping for a better week for you. I've almost written you about 10 times this weekend.

Ron Sullivan

This rant is so good I'm gonna go sent people here.

Sing it!


Sara--love this rant. No one rants as well as you do ... well, maybe with the exception of Amorette, who is right up there in Champion Class as well.

Having said that, I have to add my own little "cell phone while waiting in line story."

Mine happened at the pharmacy, also a place where we hate to wait.

There is a sign on the counter that says something like, "We're happy to help you when you're off your phone."

First point--amazing that people would continue to chat while filling prescriptions! I'm busy double-checking the meds in the bottles to make sure no one made a mistake that might kill me.

So when I got to the line, this little drama had already begun, and it was a woman, and I have no idea if she was a doctor, but let's say she acted like one. A very young one.

When I got there, she was in full flow, yelling at the person behind the pharmacy counter, who had offered to help someone else BECAUSE SHE WAS ON HER PHONE.

The counterperson stayed remarkably cool, kept apologizing but saying that it was pharmacy policy not to serve people who were on the phone, and this woman kept ranting.

Then with her phone still connected, she took it away from her ear and announced loudly, "See, I'm off the phone."

The pharmacy person, to her credit, insisted that the customer actually disconnect the phone and close it up before she helped her. And the woman KEPT RANTING. And as she walked away, she made some comment to all the rest of us, who she had delayed by, oh, maybe five minutes, that we should never shop THERE on a Saturday.

This little drama also took place between T-Day and Xmas. And I'm sure there's a lesson there too. I love the folks who get all snarly because they're trying to celebrate Christmas ...

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