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kathy a.

yay! i voted. and i'm all squishy and happy, because both of my kids voted for the very first time ever! and their friends did, too!

so, i can die happy. although if they think i'm ready to shuffle off and stop talking about doing good and stuff, they have another thing coming. LOL


Oh, Kathy, that's great! Mazeltov! You should be very proud. :)

This was a tough election for me. Not only did the talking -- and I mean the ridiculous talking, stuff on a par with Elizabeth Dole calling her running mate "godless" or pretty much anything that spewed out of Sarah Palin's mouth -- or the length of the campaign season get to me, but once again I found myself in the position of voting not for a presidential candidate but against another one. I'm 45 years old and I've never actually voted for anyone, just against people. I feel cheated.

Obama seems like a nice man with a nice family, but he is too conservative for me. I worry that in an effort to be conciliatory to as many interests as possible we will have much muddy ineffectual legislation and not a clear path through the muck. I do hope I'm wrong. At least I don't believe he's batsh*t crazy, so that's an automatic improvement over not just his opponent but whom we have now, right?

And in the end, that is why I voted for him, or rather against McCain. It's why I voted at all. I felt it was important to show up and say "no," even though I knew that in this bluest of blue states enough other people would probably show up to say "no" whether I showed up or not to make a clear statement without me. Thing is, if everybody stayed home because they were sure someone else would step up, well, that's a vote, too, one with a high probability of backfiring. So. I didn't have anyone to say "yes" to in our primary (and I either had a brain tumor or was just getting over having a brain tumor at the time; can't remember which). But I did show up to say "no" yesterday.

I also showed up to support my state representative, state senator, and federal representative, and they all kept their seats; also, we had three propositions (here we call them "ballot questions") about which I felt passionate, and they all went my way, too. So today I am even more smug than yesterday, and I hope you and your family and friends are reaping similar joy. :)

kathy a.

i was actually voting *for* obama, and it was the most satisfying vote of my 51 years. [although freaking sarah palin would have been a good enough reason all by herself to vote against someone... what was he thinking?]

in any event, buh-bye W!


No, seriously, it cannot happen too soon. You know Kucinich filed impeachment papers against both W and Cheney which were never followed up by Congress? Wouldn't it be cool if we could start the criminal prosecutions now, while they're still in office? If we could just keep them occupied for the rest of their term, maybe they won't be able to inflict any more damage. And if we can only convict them of their crimes, maybe we won't have to pay their pensions or force any Secret Service personnel to follow them around in retirement.

It will be so refreshing to have an intelligent, sane and articulate adult in the White House again. Really. Even if we don't always agree.

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