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  • a happy, ordinary, middle-aged, suburban woman who paints odd pictures, gardens in a straw hat, lives with the love of her life, is owned by one cat and the ghosts of several others, and walks a little funny 'cause she has a fake leg. She started this website because there's more to life than what we lose, and we need to let each other know what's possible, even if it's only a happy, ordinary life.

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Hahaha! What a great find.


What a hoot! And a great find! Definately a good reason to play with your food . . . ;)


Ha! That is so out. Fun with tubers.

Kay Olson

Food that amuses AND becomes home fries. Nothing better than that.


Yes, the deliciousness was very, very important. I am not so shallow as to buy a potato for its looks alone! ;)

A little shallot pre-caramelized in olive oil, a sprinkling of salt, pepper, and cayenne, and mmm-mmmm. Happy happy love love.


Just looked again. OHHH NOW I GET IT!!


Yes. It's a holistic way of seeing peculiar to people with Y chromosomes.


Oh, and BTW, the fact that I chopped it up, fried it and ate it after playing with it should not be taken as an expression of hostility toward said Y chromosome bearers.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

FWIW, True Love and P are *definitely* on the same wavelength. I appreciate your effort though :)


Yeah, see, it's that Y chromosome thing, Michelle. There's just no getting around it.

Nice to see you here! I didn't tell you I was doing the NaBlo, because I didn't want to distract you from your noveling. Hope work progresses apace, you crazy woman!


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