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If your dishwasher -isn't- as effective as you believe it to be, that's going to be the most oddly satisfying bundt cake ever.


Mmmm...secret ingredients...wheeeeee! ;)

At this rate, I doubt very much that my alterations of this recipe will ever make it into the official Bundt Cookbook.

kathy a.

all i could think of was "some really awful organic dog kibble," but i knew that wasn't right.


Now, see, if you'd posted that as an entry, you would have tied with Bethieee and forced me to draw names from a bowl. Organic = 1, not kibble = -1, not for dogs = -1, but really awful if you fed it to a dog, and possibly really awful to drink depending on individual taste = +1; added together = 0. So, see, you might have won. If you'd entered, turns out you'd have had a 50% chance.

No guts, no glory, my friend. ;) And that's why Scriptor Senex deserves a prize, even though he lost, really lost, with a humiliatingly awful score. (Sorry, SS; no offense.)

Kay Olson

I screwed up on entering your contest -- was trying to think of something clever and failed to return in time.

But I'm relieved. I was afraid it might be something scary -- Soylent Greenish. You never know what delicacies lurk in Whole Foods.


Kay, as I recall Soylent Green is kept in the same aisle endcap with the fake meats. I think it has to be kept refrigerated, in spite of manufacturer's claims to the contrary.

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