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I was wondering if "eat when soft & slightly wrinkled" applied to the fruit or the person consuming the fruit. Which works in an elderly way or, well, in way that passion poppers might be able to assist in. So that's the way my mind works (yes, similar to Beavis & Butthead). I've never seen these before, but will, erm, keep my eyes peeled.

Ron Sullivan

Our four box turtles are fond of regular ol' kiwi fruit. Blanche du Box, the only female, led the way and the boys eventually caught on.

I await the first coming of these wrinkly bald guys to the Berkeley Bowl.


hee hee

They really are delicious. I would never say so if it were not true. Great produce is not a trifling matter.

Plus, like all kiwis, they are super nutritious. And Ron, if you don't like yours, I know it will only mean happiness for Blanche. :)

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