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Ron Sullivan

Thank you so much for the mask, Hon. In return, I've bought a rat to rub your jumbo!"

Ouch, that chair. I hope Matt never develops such a habit. Knock wood. I dunno; he just might have had a new career as an antimacassar if he'd started that on out definitely-NOT-perfect red leather.


Actually, clawing the perfect red chair is not nearly as bad as peeing on every single vertical surface within ass-shot, upholstered or not. Seriously. And this and the rugs (none of which are heirlooms) are all he really goes after. And it's not as though we were expecting to turn around and sell it for a profit, you know? We try to stop him when we catch him, but I refuse to get myself into knots over what I consider to be an ultimately trivial annoyance.

As for the mask, my true love bought it for me because I openly coveted it. Nice when that happens. :)


I think this is one of the things I truly love about your blog: That I can tell that you really did spend a lot of time contemplating how to get the blood splatter exactly right.
And that you say things like "as bad as peeing on every single vertical surface within ass-shot."



Well, of COURSE I tried to make it realistic! I liked my first results so little I even took everything off and did it all over again. I sought input from my true love standing at the top of the stairs, since he has watched at least as much crappy TV as I have, and he gave me some useful ideas, but we ultimately disagreed about the placement of the handprints. He felt they should be close to the approximate height of the victim's face, as though s/he had fallen forward onto the door immediately upon being slashed, but I felt there had to be evidence of enough time having passed between the injury and the desperate reaching for the door for the hands to actually have gotten bloody. I felt it should look as if the person had either tried to staunch the flow of his or her own blood and then fallen against the door, or as though the person had tried to drag him- or herself up from the floor, perhaps even desperately reaching for the door handle, after falling in a pool of blood. So I really think the handprints were all right. It's the spray that fails.

Oh, well, there's always next year. ;)

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