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I can't wait to try this recipe! And I'm so tickled that you're participating in NaNooNaNoo month. Because life just isn't as sweet without a daily dose of Sara. :)


Aw, thanks sweetie. As I said a few days ago, I'm not sure I'll be able to pull it off this year, but it's always fun to try.

Hope you enjoy the scones! While soaking in the bathtub today, I contemplated different things I might try to make them a little perkier, and the thought of adding a teaspoon, or maybe even a tablespoon of freshly grated lime peel popped into my sodden head. Let me know if you try it, or if you make some other alteration you'd recommend.



In my personal version of the perfect universe, all baked goods and sweets would contain cardamom--so this recipe makes me very, very happy. Oooh, and grated lime zest sounds like a nice bright option, too....


Cardamom fiends of the world unite! :)


They look delicious. Curse my damned defective body for being allergic to honey. :(


Oh, Amorette, I am sure that the dry sweetener of your choice will work every bit as well, with the added advantage of not creating ultra-gloopy, sticky dough. The honey listed here is an exactly proportional substitution from my basic scone recipe, so I know this for a fact. :)

I don't really feel honey added much flavor-wise, but it did make for a cake-ier, less biscuit-y texture in the finished scones as well as a dough that was more difficult to work with.

Maija Haavisto

Damn, I'm a baking nut and a mango lover, but frozen mango isn't available in this country (and fresh mango is just very difficult to handle). :-(


Oh boy! Just the kind of recipe I was looking for to further my obsessions with the wonderful mango and the fabulous scone. This sounds delicious!


These look amazing! I was searching through mango scone recipes and this is by far the tastiest looking one I've found! But I have a question, I've never heard of potassium-based baking powder. When I googled I came across potash, is that the same thing? And where might I find it? Because I'm dying to try this recipe!


Here's a great link about baking powders, but Rumford fits the bill for this recipe:


Do you think I could use fresh mango? We're on vacation in Hawaii, haven't found good scones, but there's tons of fresh mangoes!( Wow, does "mangos" really have an "e"? Silly me.


If Sara was still around, she'd probably say try it, and see! The issues I can imagine are moisture, ease of cutting, and texture. Frozen mangoes are easier to cut, but also may release more moisture into the scone. The chunkiness of the cut frozen mangoes adds a delicious counterpoint to the texture of the scone. You could also grate or blend the mango, which would give you the flavor, but less of a contrast when you bite into them.

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