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kathy a.

what a wonderful post. NOT the brain cancer part; but how well you illustrate what it means to your vision/reading now.

i totally liked "gloathing," a fine word. i assumed it was the product of your brilliant insight. accidents can be brilliant, too, so i'm glad you embraced this one.


Seriously, if this is the worst symptom I retain even permanently after having a melanoma the size of a golf ball removed from inside my skull, it's really not such a bad prospect. Annoying? Yes. Catastrophic? No. Silly? Often.

I remain the luckiest of women, honestly.


I read it as 'Elvis', too. And I misspelled bureaucracy this week. It stayed misspelled for two days until someone else pointed out the mistake...perhaps the post was so boring that most people didn't get that far. Sigh.

Kay Olson

I've completely reformed my views on misspellings. I won my fifth grade spelling bee. Yes, I'm still very proud. But since I spent more than half of a year writing all communication when I wasn't able to speak -- and writing much of that while laying flat on my back in bed, with the paper and pen down by my hip where I occasionally could not see the page -- I've changed from being a spelling snob. And a grammar and penmanship snob too.

For one thing, my pages and pages of communication were deadly dull: "Water please." "Any mail today?" Also, I realized how much time and energy doing everything just right/write takes, and it just wasn't worth it.

I always forget to add the HTML labels. I'm pasting up a Post-It right now to see if I can't get in the habit of that.

Kay Olson

Also, I thought "gloathing" was perfect.

There's nothing but age affecting my vision, but I'm not always the easiest to understand when I speak. My father is hard of hearing, especially in the morning when he has not yet put his hearing aids in. So we have some problems communicating sometimes. I once asked him to help me get some ice water and he wandered off and returned with a flyswatter, which confused me utterly. My mother, observing, was laughing and practically rolling on the floor.


Laurie: Elves, Elvis -- interchangeable, really, especially in a horror context, wouldn't you say? ;)

Kay: "Flyswatter"? Hilarious!

I imagine that having to write all your communications for a year, even the most quotidian, could give you a special appreciation for the new abbreviated language of electronic texting.

The Goldfish

In case you don't know this already - or in case someone finds this post who doesn't know it already, you can get round the befuddling formatting of blogs by clicking on your View menu and clicking Page Style > No Style.

Then whatever comes up will be in keeping with the default setting of your browser (which you may be able to alter yourself, I've not worked out how to do that in Firefox yet).


Oh, I love "gloathing"! Must find a way to use that. Alas, way too late and too tired to think of anything useful to do with it at the moment.

(I still think the sign actually has the top part of the R bitten off so "PAHKING" it is!)


Goldfish: Thank you, and that's a good point, but removing page styles actually makes it harder for me. It's a complicated set of factors, what makes one thing legible to me and another thing just a big challenging smudge on my screen. I don't want to write about it in more detail at this time because (a) it's tiresome and (b) I don't want to influence anyone else's stylistic choices. Every set of factors that I find difficult in combination probably forms someone else's perfectly balanced point of singing clarity.

Leslee: I just love that picture because I love the idea of nature as editor. And of course, that tree is a New England native, so it only makes sense that it would insist on the correct accent. hee hee


Love your Blog. Loved this post. Love the fact that yoiu are de-tumoured or whatever the correct expression is. And I especially loved the idea of a word "gloathing" which will undoubtedly make it to my word blog -


Thanks for visiting, SS! I have no idea what the correct expression is either, but in spite of its nonspecificity, "happy" also works, at least in my case.

Thanks also for alerting me to the existence of your own blog. Everyone should rush over just to look at the adorable little "flittermouse" you have posted today.

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