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Ron Sullivan

I've tried for Fortune's buffets, but all I ever seem to get is Fortune's steam table.

The best cookie fortune I ever got reads as follows:

"Very soon, and in pleasant company."

The Goldfish

I have a fortune that reads, "You have many hidden talents" which I have had hanging around in my purse for years. I can't actually remember the circumstances of when and where I got it, but it must have been during a pretty low patch where I felt very sorry for myself and it seemed like the first compliment I'd had in ages, even though it was completely random. Which is very very silly. But I do still keep it.

I can't imagine you hating anybody.


Ron: I love that fortune. And steam tables are every bit as nice as buffets, sometimes nicer. :)

Goldfish: I am so glad the universe gave you a pat on the head when you needed it. Yes, it's random, but a broken clock is still right twice a day. And a strength-giving talisman is still a strength-giving talisman, whether you believe it was left just for you or whether you believe it was just out there for anyone to find. A lot of the best stuff is out there for anyone to find.

I've eaten probably several tons of Chinese food in my life, and received hundreds of fortune cookie fortunes. I've kept seven of them. I never expect to want to keep any of them. So there you go.

And just so you know, there are definitely some people I hate. I hate people who send other people to die, especially on rafts of lies. I really do. I really, really hate them. And then I'm mad at them for being so hate-worthy. And then I'm mad at myself for actually allowing myself to hate them anyway.

Still, I see this fortune, or this instruction, on a more macro level. I don't think it refers to my hatred of anything specifically; I think it means hatred generally, and that somehow it is within the power of each of us to push past hatred as a dynamic to create a more loving world, if only we will choose to try.


I have a fortune I saved that reads, "You may be hungry soon: order a takeout now." I keep meaning to post it - maybe on a slow NaBloPoMo day.


Oh, Leslee, that is awesome! (And undeniably true!)


I have this very same fortune taped to the top of my computer monitor. On a whim I decided to google it and perhaps find the author... Instead, I found this post.

I veiw this like a ripple in a pond... even with a small life like mine I can, with a giving harmonious attitude, affect the lives of those that I touch in such a way they may better touch others.

By the way, you and I have the same lucky numbers!! haha

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