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Ron Sullivan

So that's what you've been doing all month. Hot damn! Gawgeous!

wheelchair dancer

YAY for the arts...


Scriptor Senex

That defines UNIQUE! Glad you are up and about again and all the best for the New Year.
(Your parcel was opened on Christmas Day and will appear on a blog posting some time soon when the Alligator is further out of its shell!!!)
Take care,


Nice job! Glad to hear that you're mobile. Wishing you a much better 2009! (like that would be hard)

kathy a.

gorgeous! stylin', too. i hope this means you are feeling better, and can relegate bucket hygeine to a less prominent part of the agenda.


Nice looking leg - I like the look and the sentiment. Glad to hear you're mobile again too! And like everyone else I hope 2009 is better and less needing of buckets!

The Goldfish

It is absolutely gorgeous! And to walk again, bet that's a rather wonderful thing!


Three things:

1-The "Talking Points" that you wrote and linked to here is one of the best things I have ever read. I mean that.

2-Your new leg is gorgeous. Gorgeous. So cool that you could do that. So cool that you are so talented. That is one awesome leg.

3-My mother LOVED her necklace.

Sugared Harpy

Oh honey, that's just beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. I'm so happy you are healthier and makin' stuff!


I'm surprised it came out as dark as it did, given the original. But I guess it's not much different from the fabric being perma-wet, huh?

The life-sucking cancer diet is a breathtakingly efficient one. The lifesucking doomed pregnancy diet kept pace for a while, but in the end didn't come nearly as close.

Here's to a better 2009.


Sara--LOVE "Action Barbie"! Amazing leg, amazing embroidery. Thanks for sharing the technique--I really enjoyed reading how you did this. (I'm thinking of ways to adapt it to Breast Cancer Barbie!--just kidding.)

And welcome back after the "life-sucking cancer diet"!


bint alshamsa

Ah, the good ol' life-sucking cancer diet...I know thee well. I love the new leg. Purple is my favorite color. I wonder if I could get my doctors to fill in my missing ribs with a nice shiny purple replacement...


I'm adding you to my blog-roll and regular reading list.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you...and I *love* that purple :)


Hi, I'm writing in a shameless attempt to coax more blogging from you. Think of the lurkers! We check in from time to time hoping to be bowled over with either amusement or wonder depending on the day but no new posts are there to dazzle us! We have to head back to our bookmarks sadly disappointed. You spoiled us with nanoblogmo and though I get a warm feeling thinking of your adventures, I seek fresh updates! Warmly, and hoping not naggingly, em.


we'll miss you sara.


To a bright light in a sometimes dark world. I will raise a glass of good red wine to you, my friend. You will be missed.


Sarah, if you get to read this...I want to say, I am so happy I have been this lucky to know you. You are a friend I have never met in person, who I love with all my heart, and who took so much time out your life to say hello, comfort, and make me laugh. I thank you for you. All my best to either recover right now, or a calm sweet slipping into your next, great adventure. I cherish you, my friend.

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