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Here's the post I wrote when I learned of her death:
I also 'tweeted' my thoughts as I drank some tequila in her memory and strolled through her blog--but I'm not sure how to link to that and given that the tweets became less reliable and coherent as the night wore on, they might be better left in the black hole of twitter-land anyways.


I was trying to keep to myself lest I upset anyone. But here are various things I've done.

"An Easter Post Dedicated to Sara, Because She's Just -That- Good" ...references her "Why I hate Easter" piece.

And right after she passed away, simply "To Sara":

She's inspired me to use search strings as a sort of launching point to help people with my public blog, and I'm already seeing the benefits of that. I was always so impressed by her "search string grab bags" and her funny frankness, right down to photographing how an amputee enters a bathtub. Since I've started taking the "decadron", "I hate decadron" and "halo brace" search strings as hints, I've been able to help many more people.

The informally-named "Sara memorial pea garden" ("informally" because I suspect she'd have throttled me for erecting a plaque or anything) is going strong. I'm going to post pictures of it when the weather clears a little. I love that picture of Sara posing with the pea pod pinched between her nose and upper lip like a moustache. I'd love to link back to it, if I could.

When I flipped my trike the other day and realized I couldn't come home and giggle about it with her, I cried in my driveway.

I also just ate the ears off my sugarfree chocolate bunny.


I shared a chocolate bunny with my fiancee this Easter, (he only knew Sara through the box of ridiculousness that was sent earlier in honor of my random photo guessing). We only managed to get it at 45% off retail, but it was yummy regardless, a real Lindt bunny (say it aloud, it's hilarious). He got the ears, I got the head, he got the but, and then it laid a jelly bean. We giggled uproariously.

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