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Erik. I think it's so crazy, we have words that string together in that way, but no words to say the extremity of grief. This thing of going on past the moment which is unthinkable to us, but we go on because what else is there to do?

It seems like to go on is to deny the truth of what was.

I'm not trying to dig into your psyche, your post triggered something in me even though my experiences are way different than yours.

kathy a.

erik, i'm so sorry.

for what it is worth, losing sara was and is at the entire center of your life now. you'd be lying if you denied that. people may be startled by "when my girlfriend was dying," but it is factual -- and you aren't disrespecting her by saying it factually, even if you aren't telling every damned person exactly how you feel about it.

grieving truly sucks. please be good to yourself. xoxo


Erik, you were so good to Sara and gave her so much of yourself. I wish you a speedy recovery and that you will find joy and peace again in your life.

We had a happy ending and it still took us several months to recover. I don't think that there can be any bigger emotional trauma in a family than cancer.


I am going through all of this now my girlfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer in July and the cancer spread and is now brain and bone cancer and is terminal I am having a very hard time dealing with it , I don't know how I am going to live without her ,she is my rock

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