I Don't Know What Came Over Me

Then There Was The Time I Lost My Mind for a Month

What is it?

  • This site the fault of Leslee and Patry, via Qarrtsiluni.

    Here's the premise:

    Every day, Dictionary.com publishes a Word of the Day. I will display it here. If I like the word, I will try to come up with a poem using it by the end of the day. If you like the word, go ahead and write your own poem and post it in the comments, also by the end of the day, if you can.

    While you are here, please play nicely with others. Spam will be summarily deleted, as will anything obviously abusive or malicious in my opinion. Also, please note that everything written here remains the intellectual property of whoever wrote it. Therefore, you are not allowed to copy or republish anything here unless whoever wrote the bit you want to use tells you in writing that it's okay.

    Problems? Comments? Write to me, Sara, at SaraArts dot com.

    Have fun with this!

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Oh, there is so much beauty in the human heart! I feel honored that you shared this poem. It is an amazing portrait. Thank you, Sara.

Billy The Blogging Poet


The Viking princess smiled at me,
said, “Dear, why don’t you stay?
Please let me whisper in your ear
the games I want to play.”
But when I stepped within her reach
thinking, I’ll get some today,
she screamed a cry to curl your hair
then knocked me to the clay.

I ran as fast as I could go,
the virago chased me down,
pounding on me from behind
with anything she found.
And though it was so long ago
there’s one thing I still know,
steer clear of quarrelsome women,
fools and virago.


Wow, Sara. This is amazing.

I wonder how many writers became writers because of their mothers (and I don't mean in the 'oh honey, you're such a good writer' encouraging way).

patry Francis

It's amazing what a word, the right word, can unleash in us, what it can explain for us. Very powerful poem, Sara. The last two lines left me shaking because they were so earned. "You must understand" you say, and we do. I like the strength in those words. Not "please understand," but "you must."


I wasn't virago enough
to write a poem for you
along with everything else

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