I Don't Know What Came Over Me

Then There Was The Time I Lost My Mind for a Month

What is it?

  • This site the fault of Leslee and Patry, via Qarrtsiluni.

    Here's the premise:

    Every day, Dictionary.com publishes a Word of the Day. I will display it here. If I like the word, I will try to come up with a poem using it by the end of the day. If you like the word, go ahead and write your own poem and post it in the comments, also by the end of the day, if you can.

    While you are here, please play nicely with others. Spam will be summarily deleted, as will anything obviously abusive or malicious in my opinion. Also, please note that everything written here remains the intellectual property of whoever wrote it. Therefore, you are not allowed to copy or republish anything here unless whoever wrote the bit you want to use tells you in writing that it's okay.

    Problems? Comments? Write to me, Sara, at SaraArts dot com.

    Have fun with this!

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I've never heard of the digerati. Very interesting! I did a talk at the institution about the Chinese literati, but I had no clue about the digerati.


Sara, hang in there and don't let the winter get you down! I, for one, would certainly understand if you chose to pick up and continue from where you are (rather than worry too much about past words-of-the-day and poems "owed" to them...) if that would help. As always, I admire your determination and tenacity, let alone your creativity—as demonstrated daily in this blog.

I hadn't heard of digerati either, but I understood it immediately!

patry Francis

I owe my poetry blog a couple weeks' entry, too. But I'm thinking that's okay. Sometimes the gods of poetry get stingy--at least with me--and I have to respect it. Meanwhile, to lure them back I've ordered Mary Oliver's new book.

As far as digerati goes, it's a pretty cool world unless it tries to start pushing the literati around. Then I've got problems with it.


Patry, is that the New and Selected Poems Volume Two you are referring to, I wonder? Or? I love Mary Oliver's poetry.

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