I Don't Know What Came Over Me

Then There Was The Time I Lost My Mind for a Month

What is it?

  • This site the fault of Leslee and Patry, via Qarrtsiluni.

    Here's the premise:

    Every day, Dictionary.com publishes a Word of the Day. I will display it here. If I like the word, I will try to come up with a poem using it by the end of the day. If you like the word, go ahead and write your own poem and post it in the comments, also by the end of the day, if you can.

    While you are here, please play nicely with others. Spam will be summarily deleted, as will anything obviously abusive or malicious in my opinion. Also, please note that everything written here remains the intellectual property of whoever wrote it. Therefore, you are not allowed to copy or republish anything here unless whoever wrote the bit you want to use tells you in writing that it's okay.

    Problems? Comments? Write to me, Sara, at SaraArts dot com.

    Have fun with this!

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Somehow I missed this one. You must see so many mysteries at work! I particularly like the third one, I'm still trying to figure out why. Perhaps because of the interaction involved, as opposed to being mainly observation. They're all interesting stories in their own ways, though.


Gosh, Moose, thanks for writing--I missed this poem too but found it when I clicked on your comment!
Sara, I feel your agony having to hold your tongue in those situations. Being an intolerably curious person, and empathetic. You did the right thing, probably, given your public role and practical constraints.
As a health care provider I can ask my patients ANYTHING! I guess I have my dream job.
My favorite proverb is "a cat can look at a king". Just passing it on, for what it's worth.
This is another poem that is beautifully written and will stay with me.


What does that proverb signify?


The image I get from this proverb is from the olden days when everyone had to bow their heads when the King came by--of course no-one expected the cat to do that. The question is, why not?
1) Cat is too insignificant to be on King's radar
or, 2) Cat will do whatever it pleases and everyone knows that, but because of 1), no-one makes a deal out of it.
Therefore: In order to be exempt from the "rules of etiquette", one may attempt the cat strategy. A subtle blend of harmless eccentricity, sweetness, humor, and chutzpah.
I always thought it was worth cultivating.


I like your interpretation! That's a fun one I hadn't heard of before.

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