I Don't Know What Came Over Me

Then There Was The Time I Lost My Mind for a Month

What is it?

  • This site the fault of Leslee and Patry, via Qarrtsiluni.

    Here's the premise:

    Every day, Dictionary.com publishes a Word of the Day. I will display it here. If I like the word, I will try to come up with a poem using it by the end of the day. If you like the word, go ahead and write your own poem and post it in the comments, also by the end of the day, if you can.

    While you are here, please play nicely with others. Spam will be summarily deleted, as will anything obviously abusive or malicious in my opinion. Also, please note that everything written here remains the intellectual property of whoever wrote it. Therefore, you are not allowed to copy or republish anything here unless whoever wrote the bit you want to use tells you in writing that it's okay.

    Problems? Comments? Write to me, Sara, at SaraArts dot com.

    Have fun with this!

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Sara the Excessively Tired

Aw, you're sweet, MB, aka Poet-Formerly-Known-As-Moose. I am on vacation right now, and I had hoped, as well, especially seeing as how I have a little extra time this week and next. Unfortunately, though, I have been asleep most of today. Even as we "speak," I am drawing my third bath, having fallen asleep before taking advantage of each of the others. My cat has been contentedly complicit in keeping me from both cleanliness and productivity. (Eight pounds! So heavy! Can't...get...off...couch...ZzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz...)

But my plans for the evening are to finally bathe, go to the store for a few much needed things (including the walk itself) and then come home and work on this. I don't know what I'll be able to post today. But maybe the site will be back to life in the morning, just in time to greet Punxatawney (sp?) Pete (symbolically, of course).



Dear Sara the Excessively Tired,
Sounds like you need these naps! Don't let my hope feel like pressure. Poetry is to be written out of joy, not simply obligation, in my book. If it can take you there, great. If not, do something else - take a bath, sleep, cuddle with Heavy Cat - and come back to it when it can. May you soon be replenished, full of zest and energy and feeling ready to tackle the world again! My best to you.


Oh Sara, how I miss you!


Awwww...thanks, Melissa. Sorry, but February turned out to be a total bust. You can read the details here:


I'm pulling things together, but slowly. I will get back to this. I have to; I have a notebook full of poem drafts to post!



Dear Sara, Moose, and the rest of the gang:
Thanks to you all for inspiring me-- I now have started my very own poetry blog! Please come visit me at www.firebirdlanding.blogspot.com (I will keep checking in here too) I miss you!


Yes! Good for you! Everyone, go look. There are also lovely, lovely photographs. :)


I don't get it.
I think your blog is a great idea.
But why don't you post the poems you write too, and not just the word?


Read back further, Alys. Back when I had time to do this, that's exactly what I did. I would take the word, post it, take the day (or sometimes a little longer) to think about it, and then come back and write a poem using that word. Some of this site's visitors did the same thing, posting their poems in the comments.

Though I continued to write poems based on words of the day for awhile even after I stopped updating this site, I've had to give the whole project up for the time being because of lots of other things going on in my life. Someday maybe I'll be able to resuscitate it, but for now, here it sits.

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