I Don't Know What Came Over Me

Then There Was The Time I Lost My Mind for a Month

What is it?

  • This site the fault of Leslee and Patry, via Qarrtsiluni.

    Here's the premise:

    Every day, Dictionary.com publishes a Word of the Day. I will display it here. If I like the word, I will try to come up with a poem using it by the end of the day. If you like the word, go ahead and write your own poem and post it in the comments, also by the end of the day, if you can.

    While you are here, please play nicely with others. Spam will be summarily deleted, as will anything obviously abusive or malicious in my opinion. Also, please note that everything written here remains the intellectual property of whoever wrote it. Therefore, you are not allowed to copy or republish anything here unless whoever wrote the bit you want to use tells you in writing that it's okay.

    Problems? Comments? Write to me, Sara, at SaraArts dot com.

    Have fun with this!

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I believe you're supposed to visualize "whole, dextrous fingers" not "amputate" - the mind is so literal. Nice haiku!


Squash are dangerous. I've gotten to where I search out the pre-chopped ones if at all possible, although that tends to limit you to butternut.


My friend, Jonna, just did the same thing - not on a squash, but cleaning her pruners. She's a pediatrician and said she knew it needed a stitch, but didn't have the time. I don't think she found the bacitracin or even got a haiku out of the experience.


Oh, Leslee -- you are so right about the whole visualization thing. My friend the Gautama Elizabeth (which is my name for her) is always telling me I get that backward, and look: perfect illustration. Maybe now I'll remember.

I cannot limit myself to butternut. But you are also right that squash can be dangerous, especially, apparently, the "sweet dumpling" variety. Who would ever guess?

Cathy, I cannot tell you how much better it makes me feel to hear that my home first aid supply stocking skills are not necessarily worse than a medical professional's. Thank you for that. Really.

I freakin' hate stitches. That's what the tape I didn't have would have been for. Instead I ended up getting extremely forceful with our last two antibiotic-primed bandaids which, incidentally, I know I didn't buy and suspect I won't remember to replace.

My thumb hasn't turned any lurid colors or fallen off yet. I am visualizing it healing cleanly and staying on.

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